Manitoba Team Roping Association


Big Thank You to all of our Sponsors, Volunteers, competitors and families.  The roping season 2020-2021 was a huge success.  See you at the next roping. 


10 Slide Roping








Header’s Lament
Now here’s a little story
Bout someone; maybe you?
It’s all concernin ropin
And what the Headers sposed to do

Ya backs into the ropin box
Yer horse must stand just so
You hear your partner yappin
He says “this one is slow”

The steer lays on the bellorin
The gates about to crash
Got to give Old Tony iron
Cause this one’s sure to dash

The chute goes flyin open
They swear they saw you nod
By the time you get to swinging
Yer eatin Heeler’s sod

Ya track em down the arena

Then back up the other side
Yer heeler goes to shoutin
“Get up there by his side”

From bad to worse it’s goin
Yer Face turns sickly pale
As you tug upon yer rope
Stuck under Tony’s tail

The Heeler , he’s disgusted
Won’t hardly say a word
But you know just what he’s thinkin
Yer nothin but a turd

I expect that all you headers
Have had some days like this
When you’d love to tell your heeler
Your part that he should kiss.


Well yes he was my partner
He roped at quite a pace
Too bad they never taught him
The basics of the face

Every time we entered
Put our money on the line
He’d make sure to tell me
Just catch and we’ll be fine

He’d back his old horse Silver
Jam him up against the box
His wild rag would be shining
It matched his golden locks

He had trouble with his ego
Guess that was plain to see
He always used to tell me
We’d soon be on TV

He’d nod his head, kick and spur
Then reach with all his twine
And most times he would miss em
And yet the fault was mine

Whenever he would snag one
Most times around the neck
I’d make sure to be there
Cause miss, and I’d catch heck!

My horse would make the corner
And I’d be setting up to throw
But Silver would be pullin
At a speed you’d call Nine-O

Old Jack he had a habit
Of never lookin back
He’d just go on a spurrin
As soon as he caught slack

Now Headers, there’re not perfect
Most Heelers would agree
But sometimes it’s best to tell them
It’s time that you ran free

When I told old Jack I was leavin
He started sulkin some
I’m sure that he’s still wondering
What happened to my thumb!

Brian Gillespie

2020 Roping Numbers

Current Membership/roping count

MTRA Major Sponsors

MTRA History

The MTRA began in 1975/76.  The people who organized the association were Bob Keddie, Steve Hoff, Buck Baron and Wayne Sagin.  The first roping was held at the Carberry Feedlot.  In the early years of the MTRA points from rodeos in Manitoba counted towards the standings as well.  Along with the previously mentioned people others that competed were (Prairie Pete) Pete Tkatchyk, Russell o, Mike Stinchcomb, Ron Miller, Jim Nugent, Ken Anderson, Bill Mutrie, Keith Robertson, Terry Marshall, Ken Kelly, Alvin Pingert, Terry Fredbjournson, Don Sollner, Lyle, Les & Orville Brown, Dennis Stiles, Bud Brennan, Jim Boles, Florant Lagault, Harold Houston, and Keith Foster just to name a few. Some of these people still rope today and some have gone to different interests with horses.  There are also many sons and daughters that now rope in this association. A few to mention would be Warren & Leonard Boles, Zane Fredbjournson, Pete & Eric Pingert, Chad Stiles, Lonnie, Shane & Lee Brown.  Now there is a totally new generation that are members of MTRA

More MTRA History

Over the years the MTRA have seen many changes.  In the beginning there was one open category.  Later changing to open & permit.  Permits were for members who had not yet earned $500.00.  Then another category was added later on, that being the mixed. This meaning you had to rope with a partner under the age of 16 or a female.  After this the MTRA. moved to the number system.  The number system ranged from #1 to #8.  Each roper was given a number based on his/her ability. #1 beginner and #8 who was NFR quality. Today the MTRA is using the TRIAD numbering system.  This system uses numbers based from #1 ( true beginner) to #10 who is then a professional roper. Another change is the barrier system. Neck ropes and rope barriers were once used, now the electronic eye for steer and head horse are used, this speeds up the roping considerably.  Also used are electronic timers attached to laptop computers.  Thus making it easier for payouts and smooth running roping’s.

Even more MTRA History

Today there are approx 15 to 20 roping’s a year. They are held in various locations around Manitoba. The MTRA held 110 members in 2019. These ropers vary in age from 12 to 76, and come from all areas of Manitoba and also Saskatchewan. Team roping is a very social sport where you enter and draw with other people. This is great for making new friends.
The Manitoba Team Roping Asscoiation has been in operation for 44 years and with continued support from the members who come out and have fun to the sponsors we greatly appreciated it will continue for another 40 years.