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Team roping is a very popular horse and rider recreation event in Canada and the United States. The purpose of M.T.R.A. is to promote the sport of team roping and it`s growth. Our goals are to increase the number of participants, improve the quality of ropings, and enhance the image of roping throughout Manitoba and to promote new interest and increased popularity in team roping. To facilitate these goals the organization seeks to organize the broad spectrum of ropers into one event where ropers from all over the Province evenly compete for an increasing amount of cash and prizes.
– Opportunity for ropers to become Manitoba finals qualifiers; – To promote team roping to benefit team ropers; – To ensure just amount prize money; – To secure, fair judges and officials. – To encourage cooperation between ropers and contractors at all the events advertizing M.T.R.A. classifications; – To protect against unfairness in the sport of team roping; – To work for the betterment of rules governing team roping at events advertizing the M.T.R.A. sanction.
– To promote and manage team roping and ropers – To raise the standards of team ropings to be acceptable as a regular rodeo event. – To encourage family units, businessmen, young people, and interested parties to engage in team roping for pleasure or otherwise.

1. The Seal of the Association shall be designed by the Executive of the Manitoba Team Roping Association. Words to be inscribed on the seal will be: Manitoba Team Roping Association. 2. A member means a person who has been granted a full membership with all it`s privileges in the M.T.R.A. Classifications cards will be issued for the calendar year and expire after year end finals. Issuance of the classification card does not guarantee that a classification number shall remain the same for the entire year. 3. Approved Roping means a Roping approved by the Directors of the Association with member’s notification. 4. The Association means the MANITOBA TEAM ROPING ASSOCIATION.
Manitoba Team Roping Association Page 2
1. Memberships shall be open to such persons that are in good standings and that are in any way connected to Team Roping. a) A member shall be bound by, subject to and shall be obligated to observe the By-Laws, Rules and regulations of the Association. 2. A person is not considered a member, until current membership dues are paid. a) Memberships must be paid before money earned can be recorded for the season. Money is collected only after the membership is paid. Memberships are due at the first roping attended. b) Memberships may be paid at any roping. They are to be collected by the show secretary with the approval from a Director. c) Permit memberships can be purchased for $20.00 per day and will count as attended roping for the finals. Entries must be cash only. 3. Life members shall have all the privileges of a regular member. 4. Membership Dues; a) M.T.R.A. memberships shall be $50.00 per year. b) An honorary or life membership will be granted on approval of the board of directors. No membership dues will be paid. c) Junior memberships can be purchased for anyone still attending grade school for the cost of $25.00. He or she is entitled to receive the newsletter but has no voting privileges. d) A family membership which includes children 18 years and under can be purchased for $100.00.

1. The executive shall have the power and authority to fine, suspend and cancel any member of the M.T.R.A. for non-payment of current dues, or entry fees, NSF cheques, or any other breach of any bylaws and regulations of the association. 2. M.T.R.A. will be responsible for any NSF cheques written to show committees by one of its current members. 3. Anyone writing ( 1 ) NSF cheque shall be automatically put on a cash list for a min. of 1 year. The M.T.R.A. has to honour member’s cheques only. All NSF cheques must be paid in full before being able to rope at another team roping. 4. Once a member has entered at a roping they are responsible for their entry fees. Anyone who does not show before the roping starts will be fined the price of their entry fees. a) No show fines must be paid before a member enters another roping.
Quarrelling or fighting in the arena. Misrepresenting or falsifying a classification number. Attempting to fix, threaten, bribe, influence or harass any M.T.R.A. official at any time, in or out of the arena, or talking with a judge at any time when an event(s) is in progress. Engaging in, or attempting to engage in, any action
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threatening, berating, harassing, intimidating, assaulting or striking a roping official, a roping spectator, or any official representative or employee of the M.T.R.A. or any M.T.R.A. contestant.
Ropers reported for attempting any of the above will automatically be disqualified, forfeit entry fees, and face potential disqualifications from future events at the discretion of the M.T.R.A. If any roper uses any excuse to enter a roping advertizing numbers, at a number lower than his/ her official classification and this dishonesty results in winning a cheque, prizes and winnings must be returned. If not, his / her card will be pulled and the roper will not be allowed to rope at any M.T.R.A. approved roping. Complaints must be in writing accompanied by a $50.00 deposit. After the directors review the complaint, and it is acted on, $50.00 will be refunded to complainant based on rule 4.1.
1. A person, to be eligible to be elected as a director of the association, must be a member for at least one year and in good standings. 2. A retiring director shall be eligible for re-election. 3. The president, vice president, and directors of the association shall be elected by majority vote. The procedure of conducting such elections shall be determined by the executive. 4. There shall be a president, vice- president, secretary-treasurer, and as many directors that the executive will allow to stand. Executive to be re-elected every year. 5. The management of the business and affairs of the association shall be vested in the directors. 6. The president shall preside at all the meetings. In his or her absence the vice-president shall perform his or her duties. a) A quorum for meetings shall consist of no less than half the executive, including directors. 7. The office of the directors shall be automatically vacated for; a) by resignation of a director in writing to the office of the secretary of the association. b) Any directors missing 3 consecutive meetings without just cause will be replaced by the board of directors, and suspended unless the executive was previously notified. c) If at a special general meeting of members, a resolution is passed by ¾ of the members present, that a director be removed from office. 8. The secretary – treasure shall keep minutes and other reports of the association or executive. Shall take care of all correspondence, and shall be responsible for the association seal, records and documents relating to the association. Keep an accurate account of all monies received or spent. Financing accounts to be made available for audit. Tabulate all roping standing of all members, and provide any publications. 9. The books and records of the association may be inspected by any members in good standing at a reasonable time at the office of the association.

1. The executive or secretary shall, at the request of 2 directors, at any time, convene a meeting of the executive. 2. An annual general meeting of the members of the association shall be held at least once in every calendar year at such a time and place as may be decided by the executive. a) The executive may proceed to convene a special general meeting of the members of the association at any time and place in Manitoba and any such meeting shall be called a special general meeting.
3. In order to make a motion or vote, the person must be a member.
1. One half (½) of the elected executive committee may approve a roping. Before each roping is finally approved, approval forms must be completed and received by the office (4) calendar weeks prior to roping. An attempt will be made to contact all directors. 2. Set ups must be advertized on approval forms and put on web page. Set ups will be allowed at the discretion of the host but must be on the first day. 3. Dual approved ropings will follow the rules for the area in which the roping is located. A roper must have a membership in one of the associations approving the roping. 4. Each team roping host will be responsible for the secretary and any other chute help; they are also responsible for roping results to be sent to office of the association. 5. Natural horned cattle and /or cattle with plastic horns may be used. Natural horns must be a minimum of 6” in length. M.T.R.A. and stock contractor to agree on cattle. 6. Postponed ropings may be re-approved with only one (1) weeks notice. 7. Roping secretary may take late entries at their discretion. Entries may be taken up to 20 min prior to first round.
1. Adopted payout sheet. 2. On progressive runs only, 1 fast time, (ft) payout on first round. 3. Non progressive run (ft) may be paid out on all rounds or to the discretion of the host, but must be posted on approval form. 4. Fast time payout is a minimum of one entry fee. 5. Result sheet must be received by M.T.R.A. secretary within one week of the roping. 6. Payouts will not be official until re-checked by M.T.R.A. secretary. 7. Upon proof of membership card the payout will be given or mailed after verification. 8. Cards or receipts must be shown upon request.
1. There will be a no minimum number of teams to be considered an approved roping, as long as it has been approved by the MTRA. 2. If the roping is a round robin there is no minimum number of teams if it is an approved roping. 3. A team roper may enter with different partners or cross enter. The # of head and entries are up to host and posted on approval form. 4. Average roping is two (2) loops. 5. Points will be given to members if members rope with non members. 6. All ropes will be taken off in the catch pen, not in the arena. 7. When western attire is required, ropers must wear a cowboy hat or no hat; shirts must have a collar, full button down styling with short or long sleeves; and cowboy boots, or approved laced boots, unless medical exemption is made. Approved ropings and qualifier ropings can also ask that the dress code be in effect, as long as it is advertized. Failure to observe dress code can result in a no time on any steer qualified. 8. Winter attire will be allowed when necessary. 9. M.T.R.A. season will be from M.T.R.A. Finals to M.T.R.A. Finals. 10. If cattle are fresh it is recommended that the order to go be # 12, #10 then #8. 11. All added events are to follow M.R.C.A. rules. 12. If a roping category is changed to progressive after entries are taken, the extra stock charge will be put into the purse. 13. A prior approved roping with more than 40 teams in a category may be changed to straight progressive by the producer of the roping prior to the start of the roping. The stock charge and the flagger charge will be adjusted accordingly. 14. A barrel can be used in place of the barrier when it is unavailable or non-functional.
1. There will be two timers, field or flag judge. a) A member in good standings may be a flagger at any approved roping, but if a non member is to be used as a flagger, he/she must be approved by the directors present at the roping. b) If a flagger is not doing a good job flagging, the directors may replace him/her after the first go. 2. In case a flagger flags a team out that still legally has one or more loops remaining that team will be given a re-run. 3. Roping a steer without turning loose of the loop will be considered a no time. 4. The header will start from behind a barrier. The heeler shall be behind the score line if the arena conditions permit. Otherwise as close as possible to the score line. a) Contestant behind the barrier must throw the first loop at the steer.

5. Time is taken when heeler is dallied, header is faced and in control, team must be in a reasonably straight line. Header can be dallied or un-dallied. 6. The length of the score will be set by the host. 7. When rope barrier is not used, neck ropes must be tied with string or Velcro tape. a) A ten (10) second penalty will be assessed for breaking the barrier. b) A barrier will not be considered broken unless rings drop within ten (10) feet of post. 8. A broken rope will be considered as a no time. a) A dropped rope will be considered as a no time.
9. Steer belongs to contestant when he calls for him regardless of what happens except in case of mechanical failure, or if steer escapes from arena. a) If in the opinion of the barrier judge, the contestant is fouled by the barrier, roper shall get their steer back provided contestant declares them self by pulling up immediately. b) If steer escapes the arena, the team will be given a re-run. c) If steer escapes the roping chute, the team will take the next steer in chute. d) The steer belongs to the header once it is in the chute. It is up to the header if the steer is to be pushed or not. 10. Roping cattle must not be handled roughly at any time. Disqualification or a $ 100.00 fine at the flaggers discretion may result for unnecessary roughness of cattle, money will go to stock contractor. Time stands with fine only. 11. Should a header rope a leg (horse or steer) he/she is not allowed to fish it out, this is an automatic no time. 12. If plastic horns or natural horns break during a run a no time will be given. If plastic horns come off any time during a run, a re-run will be given providing a legal head catch has been made. 13. Crossfire will not be allowed (direction of steer must be altered before heel loop will be thrown). 14. Legal catches – Both horns – Around the neck -Half a head -One hind foot, penalty of 5 seconds – Any heel catch behind the shoulders is legal if rope goes up heels
15. Illegal head catches -If honda passes over one horn and loops over the other horn. -Figure eight on both horns. -Figure eight on nose and horns. -Belly catch, defined when loop passes over head and front feet. -Horn or neck catch with any feet in loop. -loop in the steers mouth -Any figure eight of loop crossing itself. 16. Flagger will immediately flag out header as soon as the front leg is picked up in the illegal head catch.

17. Flagger has the final say at the roping. If you do not agree with his/ her discussion a complaint must be made to a director, and a discussion will be held at the end of the go- round. The flagger and the directors will make a decision before the start of the next go-round. 18. If a roper dismounts while the flag is up, they will be flagged out. 19. There will be a 30 second time limit. Not including penalties. 20. In the event that a contestant is injured in the first go-round, partners may get entry fees returned or choose another eligible partner. 21. The flagger and the producer have the right to withdraw any steer from the herd at any time. Should an animal become sick or crippled during the course of a roping that animal shall be removed from the competition immediately. 22. No jack pots on cattle before approved roping is completed. 23. In the event that the timer fails to start or stop a team has the option of a 30 second time or a re-run providing they had a qualified run. 24. A no time will be given if steer is pulled from strip chute entrance. 25. In the event of a barrier malfunction the judge has the option to offer+10 seconds on existing time or a rerun to be taken at end of go-round.
1. Any heeler (60) years and older may tie on. 2. Any heeler with a classification of # 6 or less will be permitted to tie on at 55 years of age or up. 3. Ladies who heel may tie on. 4. Heelers may request special permission from M.T.R.A. to tie on due to physical reasons if they do not fit the above categories. 5. Under no circumstances will any header be permitted to tie on. 6. Rope length minimum is 20ft 6 in. From the face of the horn to the tip of the Honda.
1. Numbering system based on M.T.R.A. numbering system guidelines. 2. Other roping formats; Capped # roping with/without equalization. Open roping with/without equalization. Round robin with/without winnings going to highest # category. Match roping, capped roping with/without winnings going to capped # or highest # being an open roping. 3. The M.T.R.A. will make payout in the #8, #10 and #12 categories. 4. Ropers may be numbered at both ends heading and heeling. 5. Anyone wanting a second number must pay a one time fee of $ 20.00 to the M.T.R.A. 6. The money must be paid up front and the roper must wait for the numbering committee to get together and issue a second number. Until this is done the roper must enter the roping on original number, regardless of which end he/she ropes. If the numbering committee feels that the member is the same number at both ends the $ 20.00 will be forfeited to the M.T.R.A.
MANITOBA TEAM ROPING ASSOCIATION PAGE 8 7. The numbering committee must review the membership’s numbers sometime after the finals and before the 1st roping of the year. Then revisit them again by July 1st or when deemed necessary by numbering committee.
8 If an individual is unsatisfied with the roping number that they are issued, then he/she can make a written appeal to the numbering committee and for a fee of $20.00 the committee will review their number again. 9 If three(3) individuals feel that another roper has been incorrectly numbered and wish for that persons’ ability to be reviewed they can make a written request to the board and for a fee of $20.00, send it to the M.T.R.A. office.
1. 16 years and under unless they have won $100.00 in M.T.R.A. in current year or $500.00 in lifetime. 2. Suggest 2 head average. 3. Enter twice. 4. No barrier. 5. Entry fee $5.00 per entry or as listed in the roping approval (Kids only). 6. Must rope with adult (over 18 years) Adults only rope twice. 7. Pay rounds if more than 15 teams. $5.00 per team. 8. Pay out 40%, 30%, 20%,10% 9. If you start roping in the kids at the beginning of the season you can remain there for the entire season.
1. In dummy roping a contestant must be 12 years and under, but once the roper has been issued a number card he/she is unable to rope in the dummy roping. a) Points; 2 horns 4pts, neck catch 3pts, ½ head catch 2pts, 1 horn catch 1pt.
1. Members must attend four ropings to qualify for the M.T.R.A. finals in the current year. 2. The M.T.R.A. Finals will be hosted at the discretion of the current year’s board of directors. 3. The format of the M.T.R.A. Finals will be at the discretion of the current year’s board of directors. 4. You must be a card paid member to rope in the finals
1. Awards will be presented on a (3) category basis. Based on a finals sudden death and year-end format. 2. All awards and presentations will be subject to board’s approval. 3. Kids roping and dummy roping. Provided the association can afford awards or get them sponsored