Welcome to the new MTRA Website.  Please send any feedback, errors, mistakes, broken links etc to mtraroping@gmail.com

You can find the same info here as you did on the old site but we have added a few extra’s

1.  You can buy your memberships online

2.  Membership tracking, roping number and roping attendance is updated instantly after we receive the info from the event producers.

3.  You can view upcoming ropings on the calendar.  Once you select which event you want more info on your can comment at the bottom if you are looking for partners, rides or even to congratulate the producers for their event.

4.  Open rope nights is also an addition that some may like.  Once I receive the info I will start populating the tab.  Basically you will find information about any open rope nights.  Price, Type of cattle, location, when, roping dummy available etc.  These open rope nights are for any level of roper to attend.

5.  We still use the Poll section.  We started using it on the old website with great success.  We will continue to use it here as well to get feedback from the membership to help make democratic decisions.

6.  Our sponsors section.  If at all possible I will use the logo and link it to the sponsor’s website.  If no website is available I will use a generic logo.  I believe in representing our sponsors for as long as possible during the year and will ensure they get recognized asap.  If you wish to sponsor or know of kind supporters of our sport please send me an email at mtraroping@gmail.com